Life is made up of all different types of relationships. We have family relationships, friendships, business relationships, romantic relationships. Relationships can be tricky and sometimes you just need an outside perspective on how to manage those relationships. I help you find your best communication style to create the relationships you want and change the ones that are causing you difficulty.

Divorce Counseling

Are you trying to decide if your relationship can be saved or whether it is time to go your separate ways? There are a lot of pieces to the puzzle and I can help you sort them out so no matter what the outcome is, you can continue to treasure the good memories you had and start to move towards the life you want.

Family Counseling

Are you having a hard time talking to your kids or gaining respect? Are your kids struggling through difficult times and need help expressing their feelings to you? Being a family unit has its benefits but can have its ups and downs as well. Learning better communication tools can help you get through some of the difficulties.